Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is so awesome I had to share...

Something happened to me in church yesterday.

As I sat in a crowded worship room with a kaleidoscope of believers who share the same love of Jesus, I thought to myself…

I feel safe here.

Time has forged on since the things I write about in {w}hole.  I have healed.  But I haven’t forgotten.

Safety.  Trust.  Jesus people. They don’t always go together.

The very people who speak spiritual words sometimes hurt each other.

Them.  You.  Me.

If I’m being completely open I’ll admit that the church is not the only place I haven’t always felt safe.  Friendships have been a source for this, as well.   With every let down, disbandment and severance my hurt has whispered, “Put up a wall.  You know you have to.  Protect your heart from getting broken.”

It is amazing how quickly a strong person can become weak when life feels unsafe.

But as I sat in church and pondered all these things, God reminded me of what I am to trust.  Not a perceived safety net of people, the setting, the structure.  That is displaced.  But Him. Only Him.

He wants me to risk living with an open heart, trusting that He’ll fill the vast holes if and when they come.  He needs me to open my heart wide so that I can receive a filling of all of His great goodness.   When I close it, I miss things.  Experiences.  Community.  Him.

It is in His trustworthiness that I can worship without worry.  Pray with confidence.  Risk without fear.

Feel safe. Lisa whittle wrote this and I think it is really good...

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