Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well Counceling was pretty heavy last night. My psychosis and depression is worse again but it mainly boils down to trusting God and letting go of fear. God has brought me through the worst of times so I think trust should be so's not. I'm having to learn to shift through my thoughts daily to get rid of old patterns and stand on Gods truth and His promises. Daily I have to be patient with myself because I've been this way for years so change doesn't come overnight. Jesus tells me just to come to Him, He wants all of me,I need nothing He has everything I need just come, trust, nothing will take me away from Him. Drop everything and run to Him, He loves the mess I am, Hold nothing back and come to him. Jesus take me as I am, I come to you trusting,holding nothing back, heal me and take this fear away. I love you.Amen

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